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KSFM Fridays is returning!

Hello everybody!

Kyle here,

Me and Mr Sam Reeman are starting KSFMFridays up again THIS FRIDAY! Stay tuned for it! Remember you can check the latest two shows on podbean by Clicking here!
Gonna say, I’m trying to make this show as professional as possible, in regards to using menu’s and such.

Stay tuned guys!


KSFM Update 24/01/2011

Hello all!
Just to let everybody know that podcasts from both the 14th and the 21st of January are now up and live on our podbean site,


KSFM Update 13/01/2011

Hello all!
This is a quick post to let you all know that tomorrow’s show is STILL ON!
We’ve been recieving some requests, and that’s really good.
Remember that if you request, you MIGHT get read out, as the way of picking is a fair chance of winning, we shall take your name, put it on some paper, and put the names in a hat, and randomly draw one out.

Also a small note, tomorrow Simon will be on the show as well as Kyle and Sam, as our guest.

Thank you for any support!

KSFM Update 9/1/2011

Hello all!
Happy new year!
Sorry it’s a tad late, we haven’t had a chance to update the blog.
Just to let all (if any) fans know that the next show will be on the 14th January 2011!
Finally, we shall be back!
It’s going to feel amazing to be back in the studio again, after roughly 4 weeks.
If anyone needs the link to the site where we host our podcast radio, it is as follows:
You could promote us if you like us! (Subtle hint)
We thank you if you listen to us!

KSFM Update: 23/12/2010

Hello guys/listeners/mutants from the netherworld!

Short update to let you all know we finally found a way to get our podcasts on the internet!
Finally! You can listen to us online!
Unfortunatly we made our Christmas Special BUT we found out after we had uploaded it when we got home, that infact there was a massive failure.

The audio track was fine, you heard us presenting the show absolutley fine…but none of our songs played.

We were gutted, but hey we will be making a new year’s show on the first week back to college, It’ll feel great to get back into the studio.

But anyway, you want to hear us, click here!

Anyway, peace out until the new year folks!
Merry Christmas and stuff!


KSFM Update: 10/12/2010

Hello guys!

So, we FINALLY got podcast 3 done and ready for the public to hear, we now have to figure out how to get it onto the internet.
Although, we will have to do this week’s podcast on Tuesday next week, and it will be Christmas themed so there aren’t going to be requests.

This was only a quck post to let you know what’s happening with our shows, as they are all out of sync. Thanks to the snow we had.


KSFM Update 3/12/2010

Okay! So today would have been Podcast day 3! BUT unfortunately due to extreme weather conditions the college was shut and we could not get into the radio studio where we record, so instead on Monday the 6th December 2010 if the college is open, we shall do today’s show then. (:
We know we don’t have many fans, as the show is not yet public xD but anyway.
Sorry for any inconvenience.