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About KSFM Fridays

KSFM is a 40-minute podcast created by two College students from Kent.

Main Presenters:

Kyle Terry:
Kyle Is 17 years of age and aspires to become a radio presenter in a fully time career, he currently studies at MidKent College taking the Media course, and is looking at University as his next step towards his goal. Kyle plays guitar, drums and bass and is not currently in a band.
“My music taste consists of anything that has a guitar and a hench riff. I don’t like pop at all, but I love american punk over all, such as ‘The Offspring‘ or ‘Blink 182‘.”

If you wish to find out more about Kyle, you can find his blog here:

Kyle also has Twitter, find him by searching: @SkemoKyle
Kyle is also on Tumblr at




Sam Reeman:
Sam is an 18 year old male, currently studying Media at Midkent college in Gillingham. Sam currently lives in Strood and is an ex-drummer, and would like to take up guitar as a hobby. Sam’s musical taste varies, but mainly consists of rock and metal. If you would like to catch up with what goes on in Sam’s fantastic life, visit his blog at:


Sam Reeman

At work in the radio room.

At work in the radio room.

Working in the studio..

Working in the studio..


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